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While polyurethanes are widely recognised as the most durable surface coatings for floors, they are inevitably subject to wear, particularly when any gritty substance is introduced onto the floor. Grit will act in the same manner as sandpaper, and large particles of grit under shoes or heavy furniture will not only cut through the coating but damage the timber or cork as well.

Women cleaning the fllor with a Mop

The Key to successful maintenance

The key to successful maintenance of polyurethane treated floors is the exclusion of any gritty substance from the floor. This can be achieved by the placement of mats in external doorways. It is also imperative that the legs of furniture be fitted with felt pads.

Regularly wipe over the floor with an antistatic mop or sweep with a soft bristle broom. We caution against the use of vacuum cleaners, particularly if the bristles are worn as the cleaning head may scratch the floor. The frequency of cleaning is dependant on the level of traffic, amount of grit carried onto the floor, and activity of children, and pets etc

Cleaning the floor

Child cleaning the floor.

To routinely clean your floor, mix up to one cup of Methylated Spirits or White Vinegar into a bucket of hot water, and mop the floor, regularly rinsing the mop. The use of detergents for regular maintenance is not recommended, because a deposit of detergent is left on the floor, which on a high gloss floor is very noticeable. If, however, there is a spillage or build up of any greasy substance on the floor, then washing with a non abrasive detergent will be required. Prevent a build up of streaking and smear marks from using detergent by following with further wash with the Methylated spirits or Vinegar and hot water solution.

Floor Polishes

Mop and other products

Under normal domestic conditions a polyurethane coating will last many years. However, in commercial locations or areas exposed to high traffic levels, it may be necessary to protect the coating with a sacrificial floor polish, i.e. the polish will take the brunt of the wear, and can easily be replenished which can be readily removed by washing with ammonia solution if there is an excessive build up in non traffic areas. These polishes are also suitable in restoring the gloss of a polyurethane floor which has not been excessively worn, but may have scuffed badly. Commercially available floor polishes suitable for polyurethane coated timber and cork floors are - Johnsons’ One-Go, Reckitts’ Long Life or Peerless Gemini.

Floor before sanding

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