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Timbervisionsconcept timber Gold Coast

About Us

TVC has been laying wooden floors in the Gold Coast area since the past two and a half decades. We strive to provide awesome wooden floors and staircases, with immaculate finish and design and most importantly impeccable service. We leave no stone unturned; literally, to create wooden decks which become conversation starters.

We understand the rigor and tediousness that goes into making a home or office. We assure you that the well trained team and experts at TVC will make the process of rebuilding your property completely hassle free.

We value our relationship with our customers and hence provide all kinds of timber floor restoration, sanding, polishing and repair services at extremely affordable prices.

Helping builders, homeowners, real estate agents and property owners across the Gold Coast, Timber Vision Concept not only revives, restores and refinishes timber floors and surfaces, but also offers a furniture removal service and professional cleaning of wooden floors.

We offer all our services with a singular focus...our customers. Our commitment to our customer includes: 

  • Providing first-class services at competitive prices

  • Listening to our client’s personal choices and needs

  • Offering the latest timber trends 


We offer flexibility, transparency in communication and most importantly service with a genuine smile. 

Timbervisionsconcept Decking gold coast

Meet Vetea Tiare:

The man, the passion and the drive behind TVC is Vetea Tiare. A former chef, Vetea found his calling when he saw a rudimentary log of timber undergo a transition so mesmerizing and into something so spectacular, that from that moment onwards he dedicated his life to that transition. Thus was born in Vetea the love for wooden floors. This love budded in the form of TVC and blossomed into one of the most reputable wooden floor and decks specialists in the Gold Coast region.

“I love wood and get a kick out of being able to transform the look of a natural product into something spectacular. But more than this, I love the reaction I get when the owners see the end result, especially if they have been renovating for months and it all comes together nicely.”

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Real Trady Guys with Vetea Tiare. 
A homeless school kid makes it on his own

When it comes to the school of hard knocks, people seem to either take the lessons and move on or they get stuck in their past. Today's real tradie guy has certainly moved on which is an incredible feat given the knocks he's had in his life. From living on the streets at age 16, to learning a trade and building a business and now living on the beach with his fiancee (and their cute French bulldog), Vetea will surely inspire you to take a look at your own life in a new light.

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