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Decking brush

Smooth, even finish-Mix of bristle and synthetic fibres- Soft fibres coat between the decking boards. Designed to help provide the ultimate finish on all exterior timber projects. The ultra-soft bristles allow for quick, consistent coverage and are compatible with both solvent and water-based coatings.



2.5 Litre Bucket is the perfect size to use with all types of self-wringing mops (sponge, cotton and flat) as well as window washers, car washing and general cleaning. It is also the perfect storage bucket for cleaning items when they aren't in use! Features a comfortable non-slip hand grip, the bucket is lightweight and chemical resistant.


Disposable gloves pair

Chlorinated Lining: easy on, easy off !-Slim & Form fitting - precise fit-55% stronger-Latex & Neoprene blend - optimal strength & flexibility

  • Protect your hands when working indoors or outdoors with the Sabco Extra Protection Gloves. Specially reinforced with neoprene, they are 55% stronger than standard gloves providing extra protection. Easy to take on & off thanks to their chlorinated lining.
  • 1L deck clean.
  • Rejuvenates and restores timber-Prepares timber for coating-Washes up in the water.


Deck Clean

Deck Clean is for exterior use on decking, pergolas, weatherboard and exposed outdoor timber. It cleans and rejuvenates new and old timber, effectively preparing the timber for coating by removing dirt, oils, grease and other contaminants.


Lamb Wool Applicator

A professional Lambswool applicator ideal for applying sealers to large areas of travertine, terracotta etc. Removable cover and telescopic metal handle.


Blue plastic bags

These bin liner heavy-duty garbage bags are perfect for kitchens, food prep areas and busy workplaces. Keep your workplace clean and tidy with these handy, heavy-duty garbage bags and bin liners.

Outdoor Decking Pack

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