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1L Fiddies Cleaner

Wood Floor Cleaner is a non-abrasive rinse-free formulation that is suitable for application to all types of floor finishes. It revives and maintains floors, requires no rinsing and dries completely smear-free.


Size: 1 Lt – (Dilute 2 capfuls to 4 litres of water)


250ml Floor Reviver

Manufactured from a blend of natural oils and solvents, Fiddes Floor Reviver will locally remove light surface marking from wood flooring and internal wood substrates whilst maintaining the original finish.


Application cloth

Microfibre cleaning cloths are soft and absorbent and are perfect for use in your home, office or on your car. No job to big or small.


Abrasive pad

The maroon pad is a scourer used for light sanding, scrubbing, etc.


Disposable gloves pair

Chlorinated Lining: easy on, easy off !-Slim & Form fitting - precise fit-55% stronger-Latex & Neoprene blend - optimal strength & flexibility.

Hard Wax Oil Kit

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